"Opening with a tender verse exploring her lower register, Rearview Mirror opens up in the chorus to expose Lucas’s beautiful range. It’s a song reminiscent of early Taylor Swift, displaying a confident country-pop edge dominated by acoustic and slide guitar and a vocalist who carries a crescendo within a special song. Rearview Mirror was recorded and produced by James North (Karise Eden, Tom Oliver, Andy Penkow) and features US drummer Travis McNabb (Sugarland, Megan Moroney, Little Big Town). The song arrives after Lucas performed multiple sets at this year’s Tamworth Country Music Festival and ahead of her upcoming trip to Nashville, which is currently in the planning stages."
- Countrytown

"A head-turning songstress from Brisbane, whose alt-country anthems will simultaneously blow your mind and tug on your heartstrings. She started out playing emo-pop jams in the early 2010s, before shifting over to country in 2021. This year has been a huge one for Beth Lucas, re-debuting with her first two country singles and graduating from the CMAA Academy of Country Music as the recipient of the coveted Keith Urban Scholarship"
- Countrytown

"The music opened up with the stunning vocals of Beth Lucas and her acoustic guitar capturing the room from the very start. Not only did she capture it, she held it right through her set.

Lucas has a sweet power in her voice engaging the crowd from the start. She showed her versatility with Come Down touching on her country music influences and Sweet, the ‘relationship song’ highlighting her soul piercing range... Finishing off the set with Stay Young, another song with a big injection of power within its sweetness. An enlivening burst of fresh air to lift everyone up..."
- GC Live

"... The night (at The Zoo, 7 December) was opened by local musician Beth Lucas, an indie muso with a powerhouse voice and a knack for emotionally, compelling lyrical narrative. For an hour, Beth took the audience on an exploration of life, love and everything in between - and let’s be honest, that’s an incredibly difficult task when the audience is waiting for another act to start (and, in this case, when a glitch meant many of us were told to arrive an hour earlier than necessary to stand in line). That she managed it is testament to her talent."
- scenestr

"Ninety minutes earlier, it was local girl Beth Lucas whose sparse acoustic pop/ punk arrangements hit exactly the right emotional note with the crowd. Her wounded, plaintive tone was often only accompanied by a single acoustic guitar, and the contrast between the laconic, easy strums and her wounded, plaintive tone was stark. Lucas is not far off delivering her debut studio EP, and the sort of confidence that breeds helped her cocksure yet vulnerable delivery. Time and time again I’m drawn to the emotional clarity of her lyrics; difficult subject matter delivered with a wide-eyed self-awareness."
- AAA Backstage

"Opening the farewell tour is local strummer Beth Lucas, and her raw acoustic sounds provide the most emotive of introductions. Versed in confessional verses, she shares with us stories, feelings, hopes and fears — concurrently pulling at her guitar strings and our hearts. Bar-side chatter occasionally becomes too audible, taking away from Lucas' undeniable talents, but although we stare daggers to our rear she doesn't even flinch. Striking stuff."
- The

"Beth’s short but sweet set showcases her incredible talents as both a vocalist and lyricist, her acoustic stylings combined with an emo/punk edge fit the bill better than a pair of spray on pants (is it too early in the review for Kisschasy puns?). With an incredible year that included recording her EP Violence, opening for State Champs shortly after their 5SOS tour, and taking a slot at Tape Deck Fest ’15, Kisschasy was the cherry on top for her, as she tells the crowd the story of sending them a demo recording ten years ago. With a cover of Neck Deep‘s A Part of Me, and a string of originals, Lucas made many new fans that night!”
- Amnplify